French Coffee Press – How Best We Can Make Use of It

Coffee connoisseurs praise the special fine quality that manual French Press delivers to consumers. This custom coffee maker is designed and known to produce the finest of coffee flavors. It has the capacity to put together more of the coffee’s flavor & essential oils – so that every cup sipped is packed with full of benefits in its highest form.

To make your delicious home brewed coffee, tea, almond milk, frothed milk, fresh juices etc. with a French Press the following steps need to be followed


You have to first boil the water in the kettle.

After boiling, allow it to sit for 1-3 minutes.

  • Now add the coffee grounds into the French Coffee Press.
  • Go on and add some of the hot water (say about 1/3 quantity) – to help infuse the grounds. Your timer should be on now for proper timing. Begin to blend the coffee grounds together with the poured water evenly. This should be done in 5 seconds. Now cover the French Press and allow it to sit for 30 seconds more.
  • You can now add the remaining volume of hot water, and keep stirring gently. Now raise the plunger & allow 3 minutes.
  • Now push the plunger down.

Remember that coffee is always best served fresh hot or warm. At this stage, you can now pour the brewed coffee into your serving coffee cup. Put some cream & sugar as may be desired and then go on to enjoy your freshly brewed French Press homemade coffee.In case you won’t be serving all of the coffee immediately, you should transfer the rest into a separate serving jug to avoid further brewing or bitterness.

With the aforementioned steps – please note that you can still apply some flexibility. Studies have been carried out on several techniques to provide a good starting point, and what any coffee lover should anticipate if they wander well outside of the regular proportions. With that said, everyone has their individual preferences when it has to do with brewing coffee that fit-in to each person’s taste.

To explore several results, you can experiment on your own, and utilize the trial & error system – till you can generate your desired coffee brew on a constant basis. Simply learn to alter some variable at a time and watch how it plays out.

Wondering How to Choose a French Press for Best Tasting Coffee?

With so many French Press Coffee Makers in the marketplace, how would one be able to identify the best French Press for making best-tasting coffee?

If you are a fan of pressed coffee, then this article will help you make the best choice for coffee press plunger. If you are not yet a fan of manually pressed coffee, you better jump on the bandwagon of smart people who know how to make their coffee richer and better tasting.

When you go straight to any online marketplace selling French Presses such as Amazon or elsewhere, you will be bombarded with so many of them that will make you become confused. In such confused state, you might end up grabbing the next & closest press that will only end up serving poor quality coffee and even much below expectation.

Considering Thermal Properties

When opting to buy a French Coffee Press – it is very essential to consider the thermal properties. With particular kind of material, thickness & design – whether double or single wall – this can help in determining the insulation properties that makes up the carafe. There are Coffee Press Makers that are particularly made to keep coffee much warmer – longer. But the better option would be to pour the coffee into a thermos to keep it staying warm.

Considering Capacity

Diverse producers report capacity for French Press in terms of cup size – referencing several dimensions in ounces. They come in 3, 4, 6, and 8 cup options. Technically – the perfect size should represent the volume of coffee that you can consume in one instance. So, contingent upon your coffee-making objectives – it is best to begin with the ideal press capacity that best fits your everyday drinking requirements and go from there.

Consider also that some French presses come with 4 filters – but any more filters than 3 meets the law of diminishing returns – hence of no use. Going for the Coffee Press Set it would really help if it comes with:

  • 3 filters already installed in the plunger
  • 3 additional spare filters for future use
  • 2 matching cups
  • 1 stainless steel spoon
  • 1 plastic spoon

It is better to have a Coffee Press Set which comes with the above mentioned accessories and extras to make it a great addition to your kitchen.Check out for Durability

When considering buying French Press, you need to consider durability as this has a lot to do with the press product and materials utilized. Using an all-glass press would mean you have to consider its fragility, though not all glass are made same. What about others such as plastic or stainless steel made French Presses; all of these have their distinct benefits, pros and cons. You can save yourself the decision-making process by going for a Coffee Press which is very durable and specially made to last you a long time, while you enjoy the best of homemade brewed tasty coffee every day.

How French Press Coffee Tastes Better Than Electric Coffee Makers

Within the context of this content, we would like to reveal that there is a huge difference between French Press brewed coffee and that brewed with electric coffee makers. Simply applying a little effort in the morning using your French Press Coffee Maker can help you enjoy the best cup of coffee for any day and every day.

So which of the 2 techniques and application produces the better cup of coffee? Let’s explore the answers below.

Based on using French Press and electric coffee maker, we can conclude on the following pointers:

  • Contingent on how “hot” a volume of coffee made can be, a plunger press made coffee produces much hotter volume than when compared with electric ones. The reason for this is due to the point that water used in French Press requires initial boiling first.
  • Considering the “body” of coffee, it is very clear to the eyes that the one brewed with French Press Coffee Maker is more ‘bodied’ and richer than the one made with an electric coffee maker. It is uncontestable as the difference is really huge.
  • Now considering “flavor”, we categorically agree that the manual press produces much more flavorful & colorful cup of rich coffee. You will experience stronger flavor with plunger press than you will with electric ones. Coffee brewed with an electric machine will leave you with a diluted taste. We can say this is so because of the paper filter utilized within the electric one that absorbs part of the coffee flavor.

The French Press delivers a stronger coffee – using the basic equipment. For this reason – the French Press Coffee Set has become the mainstay for several homes, kitchens, & hotel outlets.The coffee press is a simple design that’s really stylish, highly effective, mobile equipment that can be taken wherever you wish to go, in your kitchen, room, outdoor and for camping.

The process: With its cylindrical carafe, just fill it up with a suitable volume of ground coffee, add in some fairly pre-boiled hot water, do some stirring, place its lid right at the top and permit it to brew for around 3 minutes 30 seconds. At this stage, go on to push the plunger filter in a downward direction at a slow pace as this forces the coffee grounds to go to the bottom whilst the refreshingly brewed coffee sits at the top.

Ever Wondered If Coffee Offers Great Health Benefits?

Coffee has loads of health benefits – although the way the coffee is being made also will play several roles in this context. When we talk about good brewed coffee and its great health benefits, we are talking about specially brewed coffee with a French Press Coffee Maker.

This content reveals to you some of the great health potential benefits of coffee made at home with a French Press:

  • The method by which a Coffee Press brews its coffee is awesome as it is designed to release more caffeine, particularly when marinated much longer. Even the best of coffee connoisseurs worldwide agree that this brewing technique produces a much better, richer, fuller coffee flavor. With coffee that provides you more content of caffeine, you are sure to enjoy better health benefits as well.
  • Caffeine has been associated to minimizing Parkinson’s disease risk. While it is particularly the caffeine that everyone is looking up to, it becomes wise and much cheaper to go for a cup of French press coffee that can be made at home or just anywhere.
  • A study in one of the top America universities reveal that folks that drank the most cups of coffee – in point of fact – had the lowest rates of Parkinson disease – while other folks that did not consume coffee at all had more likelihood of exhibiting the symptoms.
  • Another report showed that candidates aged 60 and above with more caffeine intake through coffee drinking – had lower heart disease & death risk from a cardiac condition – much more than other folks that consumed less caffeinated coffee.
  • Richly made coffee press coffee can help boost your Energy Levels and help you live Smarter. Because of its rich natural ingredients, it has the capacity to help you feel less tired while fully increasing your energy levels. The caffeine content is a vibrant stimulant that is essentially the most universally used psycho-active substance.
  • Rich brewed Coffee can also help you Burn Fat: Thru research – it is reported that caffeine happens to be one of the most actively used element in the majority of fat burning supplements. In good stead, caffeine is certified as one of the very few natural elements that have precisely been proven to help burn body fat. Studies have revealed that caffeine can enhance the metabolic rate and can precisely boost fat burning process by as much as 12 percent in obese folks & by 31% in leaner folks.
  • Richly made French Press Coffee has the potential to help you conquer depression & keep you much Happier! With depression, people suffer on daily basis as they struggle to cope with life. This issue leads to reduced quality of life. The smart folks recognize that it is clinically certified & obtainable with positive results when a patient consumes a cup of coffee daily. In a study, folks who consumed 5 or more cups on daily basis had a 30 percent lesser risk of becoming depressed.

7 Reasons Coffee Can Improve Your Health

That first coffee in the morning is more than just a treat – it’s become a deeply ingrained ritual and many of us can’t imagine how we’d start the day without it.

From soy lattes to long blacks, coffee expenditure in the average Australian household has increased from sixty cents per week in the mid-seventies to $5.77 per week between 2009-10. While the price of coffee has increased during this time there’s no doubting that Australian’s love affair with coffee is more than just a fling.

We’ve listed seven reasons below that will help you keep your coffee dream alive – and they’ll be easy to remember, because coffee’s good like that.


Coffee is the largest source of antioxidants in the Western diet surpassing fresh fruit and vegetables. You’d need to eat large amounts of berries to gain the number of antioxidants consumed from a couple of cups of coffee.

Antioxidants are kind little molecules. They donate electrons to free radicals. Free radicals are constantly attacking our bodies with unpaired electrons that can mess with cell structures like proteins and DNA. Distributing electrons to free radicals is the same as giving them a ‘chill pill’ and may result in improved overall health.


Coffee is a well-known stimulant. You know that buzz you get when you take your first sip… or even just smell coffee? Well, that’s the active ingredient caffeine. Apart from the obvious uplifting effects of caffeine some studies show it helps improve the brains capacity for memory.

A group of participants took place in a study in which they were required to remember images shown on a screen. Some were administered with a strong caffeine tablet and the others given a placebo. The research showed that those given the caffeine tablet were better able to remember the images better than those who had been given the placebo.


Have you ever had a coffee and felt your mood brighten? A study conducted on more than 50,000 older women over ten years discovered that those who drank little to no coffee had a 15% higher chance of depression than those who drank coffee every second day or more. Why is that?

Well, coffee helps the brain release dopamine, which sends signals to other nerve cells. But not just any boring, old signals… dopamine is reward-related and is responsible for the sensations of feeling in love, happy and motivated.


While coffee isn’t a magic elixir that will keep you youthful, it does have long reaching effects on health, which can help you live longer. Because coffee is shown to reduce cardiovascular and neurological diseases as well as decrease the risk of suicide, studies have shown that for those reasons it does lower the risk of mortality amongst coffee drinkers.


Energy is created in our bodies thanks to insulin. When the body doesn’t have enough insulin you are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes – the most common form of diabetes.

Some researchers believe that Type 2 diabetes is caused by an accumulation of a protein called HIAPP, which in turn can lead to the death of cells in the pancreas. Three compounds found in a regular cup of coffee helped stop this toxic accumulation, protecting the pancreas and decreasing the risk of Type 2 diabetes.


While there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, there is some speculation as to what causes the disease. The build up of amyloid beta is suspected to cause Alzheimer’s – a protein in the brain – and is most consistently found increased in Alzheimer’s patients.

Your friend coffee can reduce the levels of beta amyloid and studies have shown that coffee drinkers are less likely than their non-coffee drinking counterparts to develop Alzheimer’s.


We’ve probably saved the best for last – drinking more coffee may help reduce damage caused by imbibing too much food and alcohol.

With over 430,000 study participants and data from previous studies, researchers found that those drinking two or more cups of coffee a day had a 44% lower chance of developing liver cirrhosis, amongst those surveyed. It all comes back to the high level of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of coffee. But, be warned… adding sugars, syrups or whiskey to coffee is not recommended as they could potentially cause stress on the liver.

Choosing A Healthier Coffee Variety

Many people cannot actually start their day without drinking a cup of coffee. If you are among these people, you will be happy to know that drinking coffee is, indeed, a healthy routine. Apart from perking you up in the morning, the caffeine found in coffee can help boost alertness and attention, provide an energy boost, and aid in the improvement of mental performance.

However, you cannot just be contented with such benefits as you can gain more if you choose a healthier coffee variety.

Today, there a type of coffee that is made by blending together mycotoxin-free coffee, grass-fed butter or ghee, and Brain Octane Oil. Why should you drink this coffee blend? Apart from providing the usual benefits associated with conventional coffee, this can make you feel full for hours, hence, it can help curb hunger. It also helps burn fats and promotes mental clarity. This coffee also supports your hormones.

The saturated fat and cholesterol found in butter and ghee helps provide your body with a steady amount of energy which beats normal coffee and traditional breakfast fare. Although it may seem counterintuitive to consume a large amount of calories and fats, it can actually aid in weight loss in a number of ways. For one, the Brain Octane used in it helps burn fat and aids in metabolism. Next, it makes you feel full for hours. That means that you do not have to resort to mindless snacking just a few hours after breakfast. Brain Octane also contains ketone-producing fats which essentially switch off your hunger pangs for hours. These benefits alone will give you a huge health advantage.

Additionally, know that this butter is derived from cows that feed on grass, it contains a few important vitamins and nutrients like vitamins A, K, D, and E, and butyrate which prevents and decreases inflammation. If you are planning to brew your own coffee, the type of coffee that you use is critical. Instead of using cheap and low quality coffee, you need to spend more money in order to ensure that you use coffee that is free from molds.

As much as possible, avoid blends as these are possibly just a mix of cheap beans culled from different sources. Decaf coffee is also not recommended because decaf is likely to contain molds. Some beans are less prone to contain molds. You may end up spending more on your coffee beans by buying from experienced coffee harvesters, but you can get more value in the form of perfectly ripe beans which have a higher efficacy. This is how you choose a healthier coffee variety.